This’nThat now over 300,000 visits

This’nThat gets about 200 visits a day. These are people seeking information and using mostly Google to find relevant posts on this site. In fact the world has literally found its way to my door. Visitors from 201 countries have stopped by.


Of course, the U.S.A. is home to the vast majority. The WordPress map shows by shade the number of visitors. There are a few white areas on the map.


I hope that they indeed found the help they were looking for.

This data applies to This’nThat since the blog was moved over to WordPress. The recent most visitor data is shown on this chart.


In the last couple of years my other blog, Ask Ludwig, has been strong competition. It is coming up on a quarter million visits in the near future. I will leave that celebration for another post.

Thank you for looking in here at News and Notes. The sidebar on the right shows the most recent posts on my family of blogs.


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