There is plenty that’s new at Café Ludwig

LamborghiniThe “Picture of Week” series has been fun and well received. In fact there are three! Some readers have even discovered that they can check up on the next “POW” before it is officially published. The trick, of course, is to look on the archive pages because that is where the pictures are placed before the blog post is written so the picture can be sourced from there.

imageHere are the locations: In the menu bar of Gallery Ludwig the second item is “PHOTO OF WEEK”, similarly in the Silver Canvas menu there is a “PICTURE OF WEEK”. Both of these have drop-down menus to take you to the pages of the weekly entries.

Security detailOver on Café Ludwig there is also “The Weekly Photo” as of late.

imageHere’s a bit of bragging: The Blogger Community chose a photo from Café Ludwig for their first “The Weekly Photo”.

In the other corner of Café Ludwig a new series has been started to help new-comers learn the ropes of digital photography. Look for “The Basics” page in the menu bar.

The articles on Windows 8 at This ‘n That have been very popular, especially the post Windows 8 on VMware Player.

Note that the RSS feeds in the sidebar now include Silver Canvas. So you can be up-to-date on the latest posts (click the Front Page tab to see the sidebar).

There is much more to come, stay tuned.