Pillow Art

Sure you can get much of my art on gorgeous prints on canvas – absolutely suitable for a gallery, museum, or your office or living room walls. Now you can also get some pieces printed on 100% polyester pillow covers. The prices are astonishingly modest.

Pillow Talk

The source, like my other work, is Fine Art America.  The items that are available as pillows are in the Pillows gallery. The image above links to it.

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More Changes!

After years of trying new things and expanding “my cloud” to more and more nooks and crannies, the time has finally come to do some major cleanup and consolidation. My sites were spread around to several hosting providers in addition to the many site services like WordPress, Flickr, Google, Shutterfly, and many more.

One major move, and this post is really a test for that, was to move a site and some blogs from my oldest hosting provider. The site move involved cafeludwig.com, it went smoothly, no hitch, no glitch.

Moving WordPress blogs is actually quite tricky. Besides the site files there is a database involved with each blog. I decided to set up a new blog – this one – as a default new installation followed by “exporting” the old blog and “importing” it to the new blog. WordPress provides tools for that.  That process worked smoothly too. The “export” tool description does not list “media”, and sure enough after import to the new site there was nothing in the Media Library.

I manually downloaded the “uploads” file and uploaded it to the new site. The I used a recommended tool, the  “Velvet Blues Update URLs” plugin on the new site. This also went smoothly, but not quite as expected.

The new site, in its initial plain form looked like this:


You won’t see it this way any more, more customizing has already been done.

So what’s the problem? The Media Library still shows empty.  The newly uploaded header image is there, and when this post is published the illustration here should go into the library.

Some more changes need to be implemented, primarily “repointing” domain names to the new hosts. That will come shortly.

Right now let’s see if posting to the new blog works. Setting up the blog in Live Writer worked just as always. This is still a magnificent tool.  The theme format downloaded just fine and all looks good.

So let the new NEWS AND NOTES get underway!


This’nThat now over 300,000 visits

This’nThat gets about 200 visits a day. These are people seeking information and using mostly Google to find relevant posts on this site. In fact the world has literally found its way to my door. Visitors from 201 countries have stopped by.


Of course, the U.S.A. is home to the vast majority. The WordPress map shows by shade the number of visitors. There are a few white areas on the map.


I hope that they indeed found the help they were looking for.

This data applies to This’nThat since the blog was moved over to WordPress. The recent most visitor data is shown on this chart.


In the last couple of years my other blog, Ask Ludwig, has been strong competition. It is coming up on a quarter million visits in the near future. I will leave that celebration for another post.

Thank you for looking in here at News and Notes. The sidebar on the right shows the most recent posts on my family of blogs.


© 2014 Ludwig Keck

Another major milestone

This ‘n That reaches over 100,000 views

The blog This ‘n That has been receiving about 300 views a day and has now accumulated over 100,000 views. The blog has not yet celebrated its two year anniversary.

Over the past few months an interesting pattern has emerged. There is a distinct weekly cyclic shape to the number of views. The lows have invariable been on Saturdays.


Now that the new SkyDrive desktop app has become well known and widely installed, the post “Uploading folders to SkyDrive” has relinquished the position of most viewed. The current leader is “Windows 8 on VMware Player”.  The first post “of the modern era”, “Wicker chairs on aircraft? Live Search for Answers”, still shows up consistently in the top 20.

I take pride in having a blog that so many people visit and find of use. My efforts will continue to share tips and information about the world of computing.


It gets harder to stay in the shadows

Acting on several questions from friends, I decided to tell about the tools I use: programs, hardware, procedures, and such. So I started a new blog Ludwig’s Tool Shed. To prepare such a list will take a lot off time. My plan was to have at least a dozen items listed before announcing it “to the world”.

Well, when you start a WordPress blog, there are some helpful gremlins there that get the word out the moment you publish. Sure enough, I already have several “likes” for that blog. So I might as well tell my friends about it. Alright, I just did.

You can see a link in the menu bar here at Café Ludwig.

My other blogs have some measure of “exposure” out there in the world. I use Technorati tags to help readers so they can find more information on my topics. Because of the way Technorati works, this is of little help to me. First my topics are not of general interest. Second, frequent posts cause higher “authority”, but I post when I have something to say, not on a frequent schedule, so my posts rarely show up in their listings and I get very few referrals. That’s ok, I post for my small audience. Still, I get a good number of visits.

My oldest blog This ‘n That has been in operation since 2009. The post, Wicker Chairs on Aircraft? – Live Search for Answers, was really the start. “Live Search” long ago gave way to “Bing”, yet this is still a post that ranks high in hits. I have mentioned this before, and it still amazes me. The blog started on Windows Live Spaces, now also long departed, and moved over to WordPress. Since that move the blog has received over 75,000 visits. Not bad for a little blog about computing and digital photography aimed at older folks.

I don’t advertise and don’t flood social networks. I certainly will not use “services” that provide lots of visitors. So getting found, even though I try to stay in the shadows, is a bit surprising and some cause for satisfaction. Here is a screen shot from the WordPress stats page. Alright, a small bit applause please.

This 'n That - 75k visitors


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