Looking back at 2015

2015 in Review

Just a few days ago WordPress send out the “Annual Report” emails with a link to the report pages. My “cloud” consists mostly of sites running on WordPress engines, some are blogs, some at WordPress.com, so the recaps cover just part of my online presence. Blogs over at Blogger are, of course, not included at all.


In 2015 my online contributions included about 150 posts. WordPress reported that I got over 140,000 visits. That is a good number of views. My proudest posts were images at Silver Canvas and Gallery Ludwig. These posts intentionally have very few words and that means that search engines have little to work with. These blogs got very few visitors. Those that see my images are “followers” primarily and I have relatively few of those, just about 400. Follower views are not counted when they see the posts in the WordPress Reader, and that is how most folks follow their blogs of interest.

The Café Ludwig (cafeludwig.com) site redo was a major overhaul and start of my “cloud” campaign.

Looking forward to 2016

For the coming year I will continue my cleanup and consolidation campaign to make my “cloud” more appealing and easier to navigate. I will devote more time to my own sites. Last year I spent more effort on social sites and Fine Art America groups than was probably desirable.  I joined two sites that promised more exposure. Both were disappointments with actually less exposure than my own sites get.  One of them I publicized here and in other places, mostly on Twitter, the other less so. My days with those organizations are probably not much longer.

This is one blog where I can be reasonably sure that only a very few friends will read my words. It is not publicized and two clicks away from any gateway site. Two clicks is more than most folks are willing to take.

Thank you for reading this. I appreciate your friendship!

Here is my latest “boilerplate”, this will become the standard for 2016.


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