It gets harder to stay in the shadows

Acting on several questions from friends, I decided to tell about the tools I use: programs, hardware, procedures, and such. So I started a new blog Ludwig’s Tool Shed. To prepare such a list will take a lot off time. My plan was to have at least a dozen items listed before announcing it “to the world”.

Well, when you start a WordPress blog, there are some helpful gremlins there that get the word out the moment you publish. Sure enough, I already have several “likes” for that blog. So I might as well tell my friends about it. Alright, I just did.

You can see a link in the menu bar here at Café Ludwig.

My other blogs have some measure of “exposure” out there in the world. I use Technorati tags to help readers so they can find more information on my topics. Because of the way Technorati works, this is of little help to me. First my topics are not of general interest. Second, frequent posts cause higher “authority”, but I post when I have something to say, not on a frequent schedule, so my posts rarely show up in their listings and I get very few referrals. That’s ok, I post for my small audience. Still, I get a good number of visits.

My oldest blog This ‘n That has been in operation since 2009. The post, Wicker Chairs on Aircraft? – Live Search for Answers, was really the start. “Live Search” long ago gave way to “Bing”, yet this is still a post that ranks high in hits. I have mentioned this before, and it still amazes me. The blog started on Windows Live Spaces, now also long departed, and moved over to WordPress. Since that move the blog has received over 75,000 visits. Not bad for a little blog about computing and digital photography aimed at older folks.

I don’t advertise and don’t flood social networks. I certainly will not use “services” that provide lots of visitors. So getting found, even though I try to stay in the shadows, is a bit surprising and some cause for satisfaction. Here is a screen shot from the WordPress stats page. Alright, a small bit applause please.

This 'n That - 75k visitors