Introducing the all new Cafe Ludwig

CafeLudwig-OLDOver the years my “cloud” has grown into an unwieldy “bazaar”. This past year I have tackled a number of my sites to make them more accessible on mobile devices and to define the features and purposes of each more clearly. The “gateway” site had become more and more “long in tooth”. It was a completely static site, save for some advertising. The site was build using Expression Web, the web creation tool long orphaned by Microsoft.

Rather than giving the site a facelift, I decided to it over completely. Even the actual server location is new. This allowed using the latest version of WordPress with the newest theme Twenty Sixteen to build a responsive site that easily adapts to mobile devices and looks clean on larger computer monitors.

The view of the old site is shown in the illustration on the right.

It served for over five years, with occasional updates. Indeed, it is still accessible with the actual site location address. However, it is now out of sight of search engines that respect the customary conventions.

The new site, shown as the “featured” image, at the top, is now reached by the old address