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Testing sourcing of images from SkyDrive

Here is the “yellow flower” image. The “embed” code from the SkyDrive page is inserted here:

It shows up in Windows Live Writer as a small image.

It works as expected in Preview mode where the image hyperlinks to the SkyDrive page.

This text also links to that page.

The embed code is an “iframe”. Such constructs are subject to misuse and consequently not permited on Since this blog is not hosted by that restriction is not enforced here. Confusing, yes, but that is our modern world.


Hello world!

Welcome to Café Ludwig News. This is a test site for trying out procedures and tools. WordPress comes in two “flavors” – hosts blogs for bloggers. This is an implementation of, a privately hosted blog. So this site is different in many ways.

Besides trying out ways and techniques, this blog will review the posts on related sites and be a little more of a personal journal. You will not see the usual tags and links that are commonplace on the other blogs.

Again, welcome!