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OneDrive Albums

Microsoft OneDrive now includes “Albums”. The new “album” is no longer synonymous with “folder”. What you get is essentially a collection of shortcuts pointing to photos and their actual location anywhere in the OneDrive.

A link can be generated for sharing the album. This works well if the photos in the album reside in public folders. That is harder to do now, the “public” sharing option is no longer available.

This post is really meant to test the album sharing and how it works with photos inside the album that are not publicly shared.

Click here to see my “Favorite Photos” album


Spring Cleanup

News for May 2015

The biggest improvement during this spring’s cleanup of Ludwig’s Cloud came to Ludwig.Photos. The site is now using the PhotoBlogger skin in the jAlbum installation. Not only is it very impressive in looks, it also is “mobile-friendly”, so Google and Bing should not be treating this site as second rate.


Another item of note is a new sales site at Art•Finder. That site is just getting under way with just one item for sale. The Radial Aircraft Engine image is being offered as an exclusive limited print run.



One Thousand Likes

It is nice to receive a “Like”. The Gallery Ludwig blog has now received 1000.


The first Gallery Ludwig post , edited since its first release, says:

“This site was set up to support the preparation of a presentation and a series of articles. It served that purpose just fine. In the future the site will have the primary function to display photos and to provide links to my other photo sharing sites. Enjoy!”

Currently, Gallery Ludwig, presents one or a few photos in each post, generally linking back to a folder in the Café Ludwig OneDrive. The post that got the thousandth “Like” was number 7 in a series of posts celebrating the return of Spring. It shows this photo:

White Violet

Of course, this image links to that post.

Gallery Ludwig has about 100 followers in the WordPress community, there have been just over 5000 visits in the four years of its existence. On a good day a handful of visitors stop by. Very few use the links to see my other blogs. The companion blog is Silver Canvas which shows “café art” in a similar, one per post, style. It has fewer followers and has been seen about half as often.

This post will be seen by even fewer visitors. This blog is just about as invisible as they come, yet it can be reached by a single click from the gateway site.

Pillow Art

Sure you can get much of my art on gorgeous prints on canvas – absolutely suitable for a gallery, museum, or your office or living room walls. Now you can also get some pieces printed on 100% polyester pillow covers. The prices are astonishingly modest.

Pillow Talk

The source, like my other work, is Fine Art America.  The items that are available as pillows are in the Pillows gallery. The image above links to it.

See all of my offerings on my site

Ludwig Keck – Café Art and Photography

More Changes!

After years of trying new things and expanding “my cloud” to more and more nooks and crannies, the time has finally come to do some major cleanup and consolidation. My sites were spread around to several hosting providers in addition to the many site services like WordPress, Flickr, Google, Shutterfly, and many more.

One major move, and this post is really a test for that, was to move a site and some blogs from my oldest hosting provider. The site move involved, it went smoothly, no hitch, no glitch.

Moving WordPress blogs is actually quite tricky. Besides the site files there is a database involved with each blog. I decided to set up a new blog – this one – as a default new installation followed by “exporting” the old blog and “importing” it to the new blog. WordPress provides tools for that.  That process worked smoothly too. The “export” tool description does not list “media”, and sure enough after import to the new site there was nothing in the Media Library.

I manually downloaded the “uploads” file and uploaded it to the new site. The I used a recommended tool, the  “Velvet Blues Update URLs” plugin on the new site. This also went smoothly, but not quite as expected.

The new site, in its initial plain form looked like this:


You won’t see it this way any more, more customizing has already been done.

So what’s the problem? The Media Library still shows empty.  The newly uploaded header image is there, and when this post is published the illustration here should go into the library.

Some more changes need to be implemented, primarily “repointing” domain names to the new hosts. That will come shortly.

Right now let’s see if posting to the new blog works. Setting up the blog in Live Writer worked just as always. This is still a magnificent tool.  The theme format downloaded just fine and all looks good.

So let the new NEWS AND NOTES get underway!