Another major milestone

This ‘n That reaches over 100,000 views

The blog This ‘n That has been receiving about 300 views a day and has now accumulated over 100,000 views. The blog has not yet celebrated its two year anniversary.

Over the past few months an interesting pattern has emerged. There is a distinct weekly cyclic shape to the number of views. The lows have invariable been on Saturdays.


Now that the new SkyDrive desktop app has become well known and widely installed, the post “Uploading folders to SkyDrive” has relinquished the position of most viewed. The current leader is “Windows 8 on VMware Player”.  The first post “of the modern era”, “Wicker chairs on aircraft? Live Search for Answers”, still shows up consistently in the top 20.

I take pride in having a blog that so many people visit and find of use. My efforts will continue to share tips and information about the world of computing.